Homelessness is not a rare urcrance in the Uk. Many struggle to have a roof on top of their heads. Thinking about this leads you to think is ‘Great Britain’ great? Between 2015-2016 8000 people were homeless. The question is therefore if the Uk is a so-called ‘developed’ country then why are there thousands […]

In this essay i will talk about how Ron Suskind uses language devices  to make Cedric’s education and life seem difficult. I will  do so by comparing quotes from part 1 and part 2 and explaining what kind of language devices and techniques that have been used .The story is about a boy called Cedric […]

Hotel Rwanda is one of the scariest and also the sadist movie in 2004 or maybe be present. The movie is set in Rwanda which is located in east Africa , the capital is Kigali . Rwanda’s  population is 11.78 million recorded by world bank . Rwanda has a total area of 26,338 KM  10, […]

On the 22nd of January 2016, ( 7.05 Am), your alarm clock sound you try to press the mute button but the clock was far away, you try harder finally you pressed the mute button and everything was silent. You wake up in the morning and my eyes were blurry, just like when you focus a […]

In William Shakesphere’s play, he uses metaphor to communicate his idea about fate. But what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something being something unrelated for example ”  more is up” in romeo an juliet shakespare used the as a metaphor. Here is the part of the speech that […]

This is my structure for my essay in english. At the start i will begin with my

Friar Lawerence tries to console Romeo and find a solution for the terrible Promblem that happened. The nurse knocks on the door and then tells Romeo that Juliet is waiting and she put the ladder to go to her room  and that Juliet gave the nurse a ring  to give him to you.  

Juliet is waiting in her room waiting the news she wanted to hear about Romeo. she is also waiting her nurse to tell her about the news and the ropes for Romeo to climb to her bedroom. Suddenly her nurse appears and tells Juliet that Romeo is  banished  and also he killed Tybalt, Juilets cousin. […]